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PW-A9000-B is the business model from SHARP released in 2011. With 140 contents included, this electronic dictionary is recommended for people who aims to skill up in japanese/business.

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235,98 €

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«Recommended for people who aims to skill up in japanese/business.»

The SHARP Brain PW-A9000-B is the "business model" electronic dictionary from SHARP released in 2011. It contains material equal to 140 reference volumes and 100 videos.


  • New Contents: More contents and more videos! About 140 electronic dictionaries and 100 videos included! NEW!
  • Trace and Touch: Now you can trace a content and touch it to show a lot of options! NEW!
  • Handwriting on the main screen: Now you can draw japanese characters, write memos on the big screen! NEW!
  • Autonomy: Up to 150 hours with alkaline batteries! NEW!


  • 140 electronic dictionaries and 100 videos! HOT!
  • A HVGA color touch panel for easy look up and watch contents in a high quality! HOT!
  • Stylus input: you can draw kanji, kana and romaji for look up on both touch screens! HOT!
  • True Voice Pronunciation: 70000 words are pronounced by a native speaker of Japanese! HOT!
  • Color Notes: you can create your own cards, notes, put markers, very useful for study! HOT!
  • Speedy Bulk Search: Get search results from all dictionaries at the same time! HOT!

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Fabricant SHARP
Gamme Brain
Modèle Business
Réf. PW-A9000-B
Code JAN 4974019691572
Date de sortie 14 janv. 2011
Couleur Noir

Language Contents

Quantité d'ouvrages 140
Langues Japonais, Anglais


Taille de l'écran Ecran Principal: 5.6" panneau tactile (5" 71mm × 106mm HVGA TFT Color LCD)
Taille des caractères - 9 dot : 48/96 characters, 25 lines
- 12 dot : 40/80 characters, 21 lines
- 16 dot : 30/60 characters, 16 lines
- 24 dot : 20/40 characters, 10 lines
- 48 dot : 10/20 characters, 5 lines
Méthode de saisie Handwriting (kanji / hiragana / katakana / alphabetical / numbers), keyboard (alphabetical / kana), virtual keyboard input (50 on)
Mémoire interne Environ 300MB
Type de Pile 2 x AA piles alcalines LR6 (AM3) or 2 x piles eneloop / 2 x AA piles rechargeables EVOLTA / Via Cable USB
Autonomie Environ 150 heures

Dimensions & Other

Dimensions Largeur 114.3 x Longueur 149.0 x épaisseur 17.3mm (partie la plus fine si fermé), épaisseur 19.7mm (partie la plus épaisse si fermé)
Poids 348g (avec les piles)
Contenu de Boîte - 1 x SHARP Brain PW-A9000-R Dictionnaire électronique
- 1 x Stylet
- 1 x Ecouteurs (3.5mm plug)
- 1 x Cable USB
- 1 x Manual avec instructions (en Japonais)*
- 2 x AA piles
*Dépend de vos options